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 Hi there! I’m so glad you stumbled upon my blog! (Really, I am.  There are so many distracting cat videos and memes on the internet that I’m flattered you made it here).


Hello internet, it’s your BFF Rachael!

Welcome to The Rachael Way.  This little blog is my creative outlet and personal journal to share experiences of my life as a twenty-something American gal teaching in China. Here you might find posts about expat life, dating disasters, my favorite makeup tricks, things that make me laugh, and posts from the heart.  But wait; let’s back up a minute… I said I live in China?!


Hanging out with elephants in Thailand!

After graduating college, I knew I had a big decision to make; I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, but wasn’t sure where I wanted to live.  With a little luck, a pinch of glitter and a lot of faith, I took my first full-time job teaching middle school in Shanghai, China.  I’m now living my dreams, teaching and exploring an amazing city.  I’ve been living abroad since 2014 and have truly fallen in love with living abroad and traveling as much as I can. Although being an expat is challenging, I really couldn’t imagine my life any other way.


Ever since I was little, I’ve loved to write, and boredom started this blog (yes, really).  It has now become a huge piece of who I am and I love to share my story.


Things you should probably know: I believe in eyeliner, laughing until it hurts, handwritten letters, bright colored post-it notes, reading in bed, and hot tea.  I’m always five minutes late and movies and books often makes me cry.  I love wine, lists, journaling, and Jesus.  I hope you’ll enjoy and stick around.

Wanna chat?  Email me at  I’d love you get to know YOU!

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